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Welcome to the Scarabaeidae Website

On this site, you may find the results of the many years during which I collected insects (mainly the Scarabaeoidea superfamily). A complete list is located under the section Scarabaeoidea. The collection consists of three parts. The largest one comprises items I captured by myself. Roughly 30% of my holdings come from the collection of Karel Polacek from Vysoke Myto. The third part - small in terms of numbers but very interesting in terms of quality - is composed of exchanged and purchased items. During the nearly five decades I also came across a large number of beetles from other families. Therefore, I decided to include some of the more complete ones into the summary as well (to be found in the section Other families). These include: Buprestidae, Cerambycidae, Cleridae, Histeridae, Chrysomelidae, Lucanidae   

I am capable of ensuring identification for most of the listed families if the piece comes from Europe. After consultation, identification of the Scarabaeidae family examples from the Palearctic is possible as well. Identification is naturally for free and I never, out of principle, keep material for it; unless agreed otherwise with the owner.   

Looking for identification experts Given the fact that I possess quite a lot of material from the Aphodiinae family, I would welcome somebody who could go through it and classify it. The holdings cover the whole Palearctic!! Most of the unclassified items come from eastern areas such as Nepal etc.

Internet references If you are interested in publishing links to your websites here, please, feel free to contact me. The basic condition is reciprocity. 

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