In this section, you may find information about my holdings from this superfamily. The database is run by the programme DEMUS and functions also as the source of the data. Despite the fact that I am interested – as already stated in the introduction – in the Scarabaeidae family in the narrower sense of the word, I included also a number of other related groups from which I possess reference material. I use the „“ system. For the practicality’s sake, the lists of particular families are ordered alphabetically. The lists are continuously updated as the number of new items in particular families requires. The date of the update is always generated by Demus at the beginning of the list. I am capable of ensuring identification for most of the listed families if the piece comes from Europe. After consultation, identification of the Scarabaeidae family examples from the Palearctic is possible as well. Identification is naturally for free and I never, out of principle, keep material for it; unless agreed otherwise with the owner.

To display the register of species in my collection click HERE in PDF.

It is of course possible to publish the data. However, I would like to ask potential authors to provide me with information about the data as such, their extent of use and the periodical.

(updated on October 2013 by export from the Demus file).